The 7 Rudest People in Berlin: A Guide

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant atmosphere. Despite its charm, it's not uncommon to encounter rude and inconsiderate individuals in the city. This guide aims to highlight the rudest people you may encounter in Berlin.

  1. The Rude Cab Driver

    Berlin's cab drivers can be a mixed bag, with some being friendly and helpful, while others are rude and uninterested in providing good service. If you find yourself in a cab with a rude driver, try to remain calm but don't get defensive. If the driver's behavior becomes unacceptable, you can always ask to be let out and find another cab. Or get an Uber. Or just use public transportation. Of course drivers might be rude there, too.

  2. The Tourist Hordes

    Some tourists in Berlin are simply ignorant of the city's customs and norms, and their behavior can come across as rude or disrespectful. These individuals can be seen littering, taking photos without permission, or invading personal space.

  3. The Unaware Expats

    Berlin has a large expat community, and you might encounter individuals who are not familiar with local customs or basic manners. Basically like the tourists. They might not understand the importance of queueing in line, or the appropriate volume to speak in public places.

  4. The Disrespectful Youth

    Berlin is known for its vibrant youth culture (they say), and some young individuals can be especially disrespectful and disruptive. For example, playing loud music in public places, vandalizing property, or extensive littering.

  5. The Inattentive Parent

    Parents who are inattentive to their children's behavior can also contribute to rude behavior in Berlin. These individuals can be seen letting their children run rampant through the city, ignoring their misbehavior and causing chaos wherever they go. This can include shouting, running into others on the street, and disrupting the peace in public spaces.

  6. The Selfish Driver

    Traffic can be a nightmare in any big city, and Berlin is no exception. However, some drivers in the city take their entitled behavior to the next level, cutting in front of others, honking their horns, and driving recklessly. These selfish drivers can cause accidents, disrupt the flow of traffic, and make the roads a dangerous place for everyone.

  7. The Aggressive Cyclist

    Cycling is a very popular mode of transportation in Berlin, and the city is more or less well-equipped with bike lanes and bike-friendly infrastructure. However, some cyclists can be aggressive and dangerous, running red lights, ignoring pedestrian crossings, and basic safety rules. The aggressive cyclist can be seen zooming down sidewalks, weaving through traffic, and endangering other road users. They can also be rude to drivers and pedestrians, gesturing or shouting when they are frustrated or annoyed.


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